Tubiplast is the best choice for industrial plumbing and HVAC systems, sanitation systems, and transport of compressed air, liquid food products, and chemicals.

To mention only a few of the important advantages of the Tubiplast system, our polypropylene pipe boast low thermal conductivity and low head losses and are easy to install, invulnerable to stray current, non-toxic, resistant to high pressure and high temperatures, durable, and economical.

Multilayer pipe, meanwhile, draws its advantage from the unusual technical properties of aluminum and its significant structural flexibility which, in turn, guarantees speed, simplicity, and versatility in installation and use.

Its resistance to corrosion, meanwhile, make multilayer pipe safe and durable for the realization of projects of all kinds.

Tubiplast is the height of excellence and the utmost in convenience for the ultimate in standardized networks. Thanks to the materials we employ, our products guarantee their durability for more than 50 years when used correctly.